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"Director Financial Planning & Budget - San Diego, Calif."


DIRECTOR FINANCIAL PLANNING & BUDGET (LIMITED) UNCLASSIFIED **REVISED** Application Deadline Applications will be accepted until 5 PM, Thursday, November 25, 2004 Example of Duties Under policy direction, the successful candidate: 􀂉 Plans, controls, and directs the financial and budgeting activities and operations of the Authority. 􀂉 Integrates and manages the preparation of financial analyses and reports. 􀂉 Oversees the development of annual operating, capital outlay and equipment outlay budgets and long-range financial forecasts. 􀂉 Conducts or directs financial planning activities and analyses; analyzes and determines the impact of economic and legislative changes on the Authority’s financial plans and budgets. 􀂉 Analyzes the Authority’s short- and long-term financial performance; identifies and communicates findings and recommendations. 􀂉 Participates in the periodic review and revision of airline rates and charges; directs the development and recommends proposed rates and charges, ensuring forecasting and expense allocation. 􀂉 Represents the Authority in meetings with airline representatives on proposed rates and charges; implements new rates and charges following board approval; participates in negotiation of new airline operating agreements. 􀂉 Provides financial related guidance to staff, senior management, and the public; provides assistance with availability of funds. 􀂉 Assists with debt issuance, feasibility studies and debt strategy development; provides expertise and advice regarding bond issues. 􀂉 Manages and directs the Authority’s commercial paper programs; oversees preparation and approves annual certificates and disclosure reports. 􀂉 Performs other duties as assigned. Note: This position is budgeted for an unspecified duration. The incumbent is eligible to participate in the employee benefit plans afforded full-time employees. Minimum Qualifications 􀂉 BA degree in accounting, finance, business administration or a closely related field. 􀂉 At least eight years of increasingly responsible financial, budgeting and/or accounting experience, at least four of which were in a supervisory or management capacity. Airport experience preferred. 􀂉 Or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Salary Approximate Hiring Salary Range $96,080 - $120,100 Full Salary Range: $96,080 - $120,100 – 144,120 Application Process You may apply in person at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (West Wing), Human Resources Department, 2320 Stillwater Road between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; email your application and/or resume to careers@xxxxxxx; fax to (619) 400-2514; or mail to P.O. Box 82776, Attn.: Human Resources Department, San Diego, CA 92138-2776. To receive an application or information on current job openings call the 24-hour job line at (619) 400-APPS (2777) or visit the Authority’s website at www.san.org. Please specify Announcement Number 61/04 on your resume and/or application. Review Process Based upon the information contained in the resume or application, an evaluation will be made of each candidate’s education, training and experience in relation to the positions of Director, Financial Planning & Budget. The top candidates whose qualifications meet the education, training and experience requirements will be placed on a Register of Eligibles and may be contacted for an Appointing Authority interview. The Register of Eligibles will be used to fill the current vacancy and may be used up to a maximum of one year. Special Notes Background Information: Candidates must pass a background investigation including references and employment history for at least the last ten (10) years. Job offer will be rescinded if a candidate cannot provide the necessary documents within ten (10) days prior to start date. Chemical Substance Testing: Job offer is contingent on candidate testing drug free during the pre-employment medical examination and signing the Drug-Free Pledge as required by the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. License(s) & Other Requirements Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor or Certified Management Accountant is preferred. Reasonable Accommodation The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority will make reasonable efforts to provide accommodation in the selection process. Candidates/applicants who require a reasonable accommodation in the selection process should state their needs in writing when submitting their application or resume. The Authority reserves the right to change or add to any of the above licensing requirements, job duties, or other employment requirements anytime throughout a candidate’s employment when required by law, regulation or business necessity. The education, training and experience stated on the announcement represent only the minimum requirements required to file a resume or application. Meeting the minimum listed education, training and experience does not guarantee an applicant will qualify to be interviewed. The provisions of this announcement do not constitute an expressed or implied contract, and any provisions contained in this announcement may be modified or revoked at any time. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

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