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"Government Affairs Specialist - Oakland, Calif."

Government Affairs Specialist
Open Recruitment
All qualified individuals may apply
Closing Date 
December 10, 2004
Salary/Work Week
$6,315 - $7,823/mo., 37.5-hour work week
Civil Service Status
Classified (Job Code 10467)

The Position 

The Port of Oakland is currently recruiting for the position of Government
Affairs Specialist. Under general supervision, the Government Affairs
Specialist initiates, prepares, interprets, reviews and monitors legislation
and administrative regulations affecting the Port in coordination with Port
senior management and legislative lobbyist, legislators, other governmental
staff at the local, regional, state and federal levels. The incumbent will
be involved in significant participation in local city council issues and
initiatives as they relate to the Port of Oakland and its activities.
Typical duties may include, but are not limited to the following: 

Develops and maintains ongoing effective contact with local elected
officials and their staffs. 

Reviews and analyzes legislation and regulatory actions that may affect the
Port and transmits information to Port staff, lobbyists, local, state and
federal legislators, and legislative staff as appropriate. 

Represents the Port's position on legislation, as appropriate, to special
interest groups, local, state and federal agencies and legislative

Drafts correspondence and other Port-related documents for outside

Works with Government Affairs staff on strategizing, designing and
implementing advocacy efforts in support of key Port projects and

Attends legislative/regulatory hearings and meetings as well as meetings
with key stakeholder groups. 

Writes and disseminates information to Port Governmental Affairs
Department's external and internal clients. 

Assists in the review of environmental documents and strategizes for
successful project outcome. 
Supports the state and federal legislative program. 

Establishes and maintains regular contact with special interest groups
related to Port operational and business needs, including community groups,
environmental groups, school districts, corporate executives and industry
representatives in support of the legislative program. 

Develops and manages the process for providing legislative information to
appropriate Port department managers and division directors; and performs
other duties as assigned by the Manager. 

Minimum Requirements for Application

This examination is open to persons who have a combination of education and
experience that would reflect possession of the required knowledge, skills
and abilities. A typical combination would include the following:

Education: A bachelor's degree in government, political science,
communications or a related field. 

Experience: Five years of increasingly responsible professional experience
in governmental relations.

Licenses: Incumbents in this job are expected to operate automotive vehicles
in the performance of assigned duties. Due to assignments and hours worked,
public transportation may not be an efficient method for traveling to
required locations. Individuals appointed will be required to maintain a
valid California Driver's License while employed or demonstrate the ability
to travel to required locations in a timely manner.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs): Knowledge of: Legislative
processes at the local, state and federal levels; legislation formats and
language; English grammar and principles of developing legislative language;
and environmental impact review process. 

Ability to: analyze, interpret and write legislative language; work
effectively with numerous rules, regulations and protocols; collect,
integrate and synthesize information to choose appropriate options;
negotiate and persuade in order to reach compromises or gain support;
research and identify funding and reimbursement sources; communicate
effectively in orally and in writing; develop funding proposals; and deal
effectively with diverse audiences, including community groups,
environmental groups, school districts, corporate executives and industry

The Selection Process

Stage I: Application and Supplemental Questionnaire (Pass/Fail) - The first
stage in the selection process will consist of an application and
supplemental questionnaire appraisal review (pass/fail). Applications
submitted without a completed supplemental questionnaire will not be given
further consideration. Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee
advancement to the next stage. Only the most suitably qualified candidates
will be invited to Stage II. 

Stage II: The second stage of the selection process may consist of a
combination of job-related situational project exercises and an oral panel
interview designed to assess technical knowledge and any additional other

Candidates must achieve a scale score of 70 or more on this examination to
be placed on the eligible list for employment consideration. The Port of
Oakland reserves the right to modify the selection process as necessary to
conform to administrative or business necessity.

The Port of Oakland reserves the right to modify the selection process as
necessary to conform to administrative or business necessity.


Immigration and Reform Control Act: In compliance with the Immigration and
Reform Act of 1986, the Port of Oakland will only hire individuals who are
legally authorized to work in the United States. Social Security card must
be presented, and the name on it must match the name on the application.

Americans with Disabilities (ADA): In compliance with State and Federal
Laws, the Port of Oakland will employ and promote qualified individuals
without regard to disability. The Port is committed to making reasonable
accommodations in the examination process and in the work environment.
Individuals requesting reasonable accommodations in the examination process
should so indicate in questions 4 and 5 at the bottom of the Voluntary
Questionnaire on the application form or notify us within five days after
the final filing date for the examination (12/10/04). Otherwise, it may not
be possible to arrange accommodations for the examination process. For
further information regarding ADA test accommodations, please call (510)
627-1516 or TDD (510) 763-5703. For further information concerning ADA in
general, please call (510) 627-1417, TDD (510) 763-5703.

How to Apply
You may call our Job Hotline at (510) 627-1142. 
Date of Examination
To be announced.
Janet Sapenter (510) 627-1516
Opens: November 29, 2004
Closes: December 10, 2004 
The Port of Oakland is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/ADA Employer 


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