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"Airfield Safety Officer - San Francisco, Calif."


Job Title: 9212 Airfield Safety Officer 
Salary: $26.50 - $32.21 hourly
$2,120.00 - $2,577.00 biweekly
$4,593.33 - $5,583.50 monthly
$55,120.00 - $67,002.00 annually

Job Type: Full-Time
Location: San Francisco Int'l Airport, California 

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Under general supervision, the Airfield Safety Officer performs patrol and inspection duties of airfield and other facilities to evaluate operating conditions for aircraft, to control airfield surface traffic, and to secure tenant and other facilities; performs surveillance, inspection, and investigations for enforcement of the Airport Security Program and ensure compliance with Federal and airport security regulations. The essential functions of the class include: inspecting airfield and related facilities within the Airport structure; responding to Airport and Air Operations Area emergencies; enforcing airfield ground traffic, access control systems, and Federal and San Francisco International Airport regualtions;

Specialty 1 - Airfield - Inspects and evaluates airfield facilities, including runways, taxiways, lighting, paved and non-paved surfaces; closes airfield facilities when unsafe operational conditions are present; monitors and directs the movement of vehicles, persons or equipment on the airfiled to insure safe and efficient operations; notifies aeronautical users of any change in airfield conditions; controls and enforces airport regulations and gives out admonishments for violations; responds to and investigates all airfield incidents and accidents and identifies potential contributing factors and recommends corrective action; respolnds to all emergencies such as distressed and disabled aircraft and hazardous material spills; prepares detailed informational and operational reports related to safety/security incidents, injuries, and accidents.

Specialty 2 - Security - Inspects and evaluates airport and tenant facilities, access controls, barriers, fences, and lighting for compliance with Airport and Federal Civil Aviation Security Regulations; suspends operations when unsecured conditions are discovered and re-opens when inspection indicates unsecured conditions have been rectified; ensures compliance with and enforces proper procedures for Airort's Access Control System to prevent unauthorized and/or unescorted access to the Air Operations Area (AOA); responds to and investigates security breaches and violations; conducts interviews, recommends corrective action through detailed written reports and makes follow-up inspections; issues admonishments for safety and security violations: conducts routine and special emphasis security checks of facilities and responds to and investigates security calls and access control alarms; provides proper security materials and conducts briefings to appropriate entities; analyzes security related data and develops recommendations in Aviation Security, including the composition of related letters, memoranda, and reports. The salary range for this class is $2120-$2577 bi-weekly; $55,120-$67,002 annually.

 Minimum Qualifications: 
1. Two (2) years safety or security operations experience at an airport, airbase, airline or military base; OR
Possession of a BS/BA degree in the field of Aviation Management from an accredited college or university;
2. Possession of a valid Driver License (California driver license and Airport driving permit must be obtained to
be eligible for employment).

Note: If applicant chooses to demonstrate possession of the education minimum qualification, a copy of a diploma or a transcript in the field of Aviation Management must be submitted at the time of application.

City and County of San Francisco applications and supplemental applications will be available at the Department of Human Resources, 44 Gough Street, San Francisco AND San Francisco Airport Commission Human Resources Office, Delta Building 3rd Floor, 710 N. McDonnell Road, San Francisco, CA 94128 from Friday, November 5, 2004 to Friday, November 30, 2004 between 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M, Monday through Friday, or downloaded from our website @ www.sfgov.org/dhr. Please note the specialty area in the designated box on the regular application. Applicants must mail or submit the application and supplemental applications to the Airport Commission, Human Resources Office, P.O. Box 8097, San Francisco, CA 94128, Attn: 9212 Exam or the Department of Human Resources, 44 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Applicants are advised to keep copies of all documents submitted

Note: If you claim Veteran’s Preference, you must complete a Veteran's Preference Application form and provide verification of eligibility. You can download this form at www.sfgov.org/dhr, obtain a copy at the Department of Human Resources, 44 Gough St., San Francisco, or request a copy from the San Francisco Airport Commission Human Resources Office at (650) 821-2000.

To provide for an accurate evaluation of qualifications, applicants are required to prepare supplemental application for each specialty area. The supplemental application will be reviewed to determine possession of the minimum qualifications, and may be reviewed to determine the relative qualifications of applicants as part of the selection process. Failure to submit the Supplemental Application may result in disqualification.


1. Application Evaluation Panel:
Weight: Pass/Fail
In the event of a large applicant pool, a panel of subject matter expert(s) may be convened to evaluate the relative qualifications of those applicants who meet the minimum qualifications. Applications and supplemental applications will be reviewed to determine the best qualified candidates to proceed to the Oral/Performance examination. Possession of the minimum qualifications does not guarantee advancement through the testing process.

2. Oral/Performance:
Weight: 100%
Candidates will be tested in order to determine their relative knowledge, skill and abilities in job related areas which may include but is not limited to: Airfield Safety/Security Principles, Problem Solving, Oral Communications, Human Relations, Report Writing (written exercises will be administered) and Diagram/Map Reading (Airfield Specialty only).

3. Background Investigation:
Weight: Qualifying
Positions with the San Francisco Airport Commission that require security clearance prior to employment may be required to have a thorough background investigation to determine the candidate's suitability for employment. The investigation includes a search into records held by the criminal justice system, credit reporting agencies, the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, as well as, contact with references, employers, and others who have knowledge of the candidate. Reasons for rejection based on this investigation may include, butnot be limited to: applicable convictions, repeated or serious violations of the law, use of controlled substances and alcohol, inability to work well with co-workers, inability to accept supervision, inability to follow rules and regulations, falsification of application materials, and/or other relevant factors. Candidates may be required to undergo drug/alcohol screening, and must clear Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprinting. The background investigation will also meet Transportation Security Administration requirements (TSA SEction 1542.209). Per Civil Service Commission Rule Section 110.9.1, every applicant for an examination must possess and maintain the qualifications required by law and by the examination announcement for the examination. Failure to obtain and maintain security clearance may be basis for termination from employment with the Airport Commission.

4. Psychological Evaluation:
Weight: Qualifying
A psychological evaluation may be required prior to appointment. The evaluation will consist of written tests and a clinical interview performed by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist to determine the candidate’s fitness for employment in this position.

5. Medical Examination:
Weight: Qualifying
Candidates must successfully pass a medical examination to determine his/her ability to perform the essential functions of the job.

The certification rule for the eligible list resulting from this selection procedure is Rule of Three Scores.

Qualified candidates will be notified by mail of the time, date, and location of the examination. Candidates with disabilities requiring reasonable accommodation for this examination process MUST contact the examination analyst by phone at (650) 821-2074; or if hearing impaired: TDD (650) 821-2323 or in writing at San Francisco Airport Commission Human Resources Office, (specify 9212 Airport Safety Officer), P.O. Box 8097, San Francisco, CA 94128 as soon as possible.

All persons entering the City and County of San Francisco workforce are required to provide verification of authorization to work in the United States. The City will not sponsor any H1B visas.

Issue date: November 5, 2004
Announcement No: 52552
Team: Airport/GK (650) 821-2074


Philip A. Ginsburg, Director
Department of Human Resources

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