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"Airport Safety Officer - Tulsa, OK"

Airport Safety Officer 

Responsible for the execution of a wide variety of duties involving
patrol and the enforcement of laws, regulations, and policies at the
Tulsa International Airport and reliever airports; performs operations,
security, and safety functions to ensure compliance with Federal
regulations and other related assigned duties.

Position Codes:  2391-0035, 0036, 0010RKV (3 Positions) 
Tulsa International Airport
Pay Grade: AO-01 / Beginning Salary: $2,078/Mo.  (with CLEET)  

Essential Job Functions:
Conducts airfield checks to monitor runway pavement conditions and
proper lighting;

Communicates field conditions to appropriate personnel;

Communicates with FAA air traffic control tower and other agencies;

Responds to all aircraft emergency situations;

Patrols assigned areas and performs curb management;

Directs traffic in congested and emergency areas;

Issues traffic and other citations or warnings;

Drives vehicles as necessary;

Conducts fuel and fire safety inspections to ensure compliance with

Conducts terminal building fire safety inspections to ensure compliance
with regulations;

Answers citizens questions and provides assistance;

Responds to emergency situations as directed by radio, telephone, or

Investigates unusual or suspicious conditions and unlawful acts;

Arrests violators and suspects;

Coordinates direct military charters, including civilian charters;

Searches for and preserves evidence;

Make verbal and written reports and records and maintains data on
appropriate forms/logs/computer files

Issue security badges for City Airport personnel, tenants, and

Provides animal control for airport property;

Collects landing and user fees;

Participates in snow removal;

Attends meetings/seminars to stay current in job practices;

Performs other tasks as required to keep the Airport in compliance with
FAR 139 and FAR 107.

Minimum Requirements:
Graduation from an accredited college or university with an associate's
degree or sixty (60) college credit hours in aviation management, law
enforcement, or a related field, and three (3) years of experience in
the field of aviation security/safety; or an equivalent combination of
training and experience per Personnel Policies and Procedures, Section
128.  No one may apply who has been convicted of a felony or crime of
moral turpitude.

Good knowledge of the appropriate regulations and safety procedures for
the airport; and some knowledge of office practices, procedures, and
equipment.  Ability to read, understand, and interpret ordinances, laws,
and other operating procedures; ability to become proficient with
required computer software; ability to testify in court; ability to
communicate both verbally and in writing; ability to remain calm in
emergency situations; ability to communicate in noisy, hazardous, or
stressful situations with or without use of equipment; ability to make
split second decisions; ability to operate equipment; ability to drive a
vehicle safely; ability to locate places utilizing a map or directions
from others;  ability to coordinate emergency situations and to respond
appropriately;  and the ability to courteously and tactfully communicate
with fellow workers, supervisors, other members of the organization, and
the public in giving and receiving information.

Skills Test Required: 
A data entry and typing assessment will be administered at the basic
level.  A writing/knowledge assessment may be administered.

Physical Requirements:
Physical requirements include arm and hand steadiness and finger
dexterity enough to use a keyboard and telephone; occasional lifting up
to 50 pounds; occasional carrying up to 20 pounds; occasional pushing
and pulling up to 50 pounds; may be subject to walking, standing,
balancing, kneeling, bending, handling, feeling, climbing, smelling, and
twisting; physical strength and stamina to chase and subdue fleeing
persons and arrest suspects and to rescue victims; sufficient hand-eye
coordination and position mobility in the ankles, knees, hips, and back
for required proficiency standards and positions with both the "gun" and
"non-gun" hand; and vision, speech, and hearing sufficient to perform
the essential tasks.

Posted: 6/18/2004 12:25:47 PM
Contact: jobs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 


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