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"Supervisor of Administrative Support (Security) - Denver, Colo."

$2,664 - $4,255 MO. PAY GRADE 805-C 100% WRITTEN

Denver International Airport (DIA) has an opening in security services
for a Supervisor of Administrative
Support I - (Security. You will supervise employees using the Computer
Automated Intrigued Security System
(CAISS) along with ID/badging procedures and processes. You will
supervise the work and administrative
duties in compliance with Transportation Security Regulation (TSR)
1542.) Willing to work weekends and
evenings. Duties include performing first-line supervision of employees
performing administrative and clerical
support work in access services. Responsible for supervision of airport
security through identification/badging
processes and procedures. Knowledge of access control systems to
identify badging & security problems.
You will need working knowledge of TSR 1542, airport security, airport
ID badging and computer automation
and entry, knowledge of badging procedures. Requires HS/GED plus three
years of clerical experience, which
must include one year of airport security experience in badging
processing and Computer Automated Intrigued
Security System (CAISS) procedures. A combination of appropriate
education and experience may be
substituted to meet the minimum requirements. Highly desirable
experience in MS windows computer system.
Willing to work any shift 18/5/365. FBI fingerprinting required. Career
Service Authority prefers that
applications/resumes be submitted via internet but will accept paper
applications. If you need additional
information, contact Joe Boyersmith CSA (720) 913-5647 or DIA (303)
342-2113. Closing Tuesday, June 8,


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