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"Airport Ramp Controller - Las Vegas, Nev."

Date 4/9/2004  
Min Salary $39,260.00  
Max Salary $60,852.48  
Job Type Full-Time Regular  
Requisition Id 10480-04-8469  
Job Description CLOSING DATE:        Open Continuous      

ABOUT THE POSITION:  Coordinates and administers ramp control and gate
management throughout the geographic boundaries of the McCarran
International Airport non-movement area on a per shift basis.  Serves as
focal point for the safe, efficient and expeditious ground movement of
aircraft ingress and egress within the confines of the ramp.  Serves as
liaison between the airport operations staff, tenants and the Federal
Aviation Administration Airport Traffic Control Tower for administering
flow management staging of departing aircraft and strategic gate
management for arriving aircraft.  This examination will establish an
Open Competitive and Promotional list to fill current and/or future
vacancies which may occur within the next six (6) months.


1. Two (2) years of full-time journey-level air traffic controller
experience in an airport traffic control facility tower, OR

2. Four (4) years of full-time ramp control or gate management
experience at a large commercial airport.

Licensing and Certification: Must possess a valid Nevada Class C
Driver's License, at time of hire.

MEDICAL EXAMINATION: Employment is contingent upon the results of a
physical examination performed by our examining physician to include
hearing and vision.

PRE-EMPLOYMENT DRUG TESTING: Employment is contingent upon the results
of a pre-employment drug examination.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Work day, evening, night, weekend and holiday shifts
(any day of the week).  May be required to work extended shifts and/or
be called back in emergency situations.

Background Investigation: Employment with the Department of Aviation is
contingent upon completion of an education/experience background
investigation, a fingerprint-based criminal history record check
processed by the FBI, and upon the ability to be granted a security
badge as mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

THE SCORING:  Applicants will receive a score of 50 points for meeting
the minimum qualification requirements (as documented on application).
Applicants may receive up to 50 additional points based upon a rating of
the supplemental application responses. 


1.  Clark County Application - Follow all instructions on the
application form and include all education and experience that qualify
you for this position.

2.  Supplemental Application - Follow all instructions on the
supplemental application form and include detailed information in all

THE APPLICATION PROCESS:  Candidates must submit an employment
application and a supplemental application.  The candidate is
responsible for submitting a complete Clark County application package.
If the application does not demonstrate that minimum employment
requirements are met the candidate will not move forward in the
recruitment process. Additional information will not be accepted after
the closing date. Human Resources will screen the application for
qualifications.  The selection process may consist of a review of the
application, a supplemental rating, and a hiring interview. Applicants
may be called to the hiring interview based upon score and/or special
skill requirements for the position. Human Resources reserves the right
to call only the most qualified applicants to the final hiring

THE POSITION: Controls the ground movement of aircraft within the
non-movement area of McCarran Airport on an assigned shift, including
coordinating gate scheduling, off-gate parking, aircraft hot and cold
holding with all appropriate airline tenants. Applies ramp control
procedures that provide safe movement of aircraft on the non-movement
area and, to the extent practicable, are operationally acceptable to
both the FAA and the airlines. Provides control, surveillance and
traffic advisories when directing aircraft from predetermined drop-off
points to the gate area, as well as the control of vehicles near taxiing
aircraft and the coordination of aircraft gate scheduling. Utilizes
computerized aids to effect ramp navigation. Applies Gate Flow and
scheduling software to maximize gate assignments, aircraft push-backs
and holding pad assignments. Operates automated/networked information
display systems, video cameras and monitors, and sophisticated
radio/communication systems. Reports the need for maintenance as
required for any or all systems. Provides timely information to
tenants/FAA; makes entries in daily operational logs and administers
on-the-job training as required. Drives a motor vehicle to reach various
work sites and respond to emergencies. Contributes to the efficiency and
effectiveness of the units service to its customers through demonstrated
teamwork. Uses standard office equipment in the work, including a

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Mobility to work in an Air Traffic Control type
tower; ability to lean over work consoles/equipment to conduct panoramic
surveillance of aircraft; and to drive a motor vehicle to and from
adjacent ramp control facilities. Distant and near vision correctable to
20/20 in each eye, with normal color vision. Speech to communicate
effectively in English. Hearing to demonstrate no chronic disease of the
ear that might interfere with the comfortable use of standard or
cordless headsets. No hearing loss in either ear more than 30 decibels
in the 500, 1000, or 2000 Hz ranges. Accommodation may be made for some
of these physical demands for otherwise qualified individuals who
require and request such accommodation.

VETERANS' PREFERENCE: Veterans will receive five (5) preference points
in addition to their overall score; disabled veterans will receive ten
(10) preference points in addition to their overall score. A copy of a
DD-214, documenting an honorable discharge, must be included with
application. Additionally, disabled veterans must include a letter from
the Veteran's Administration verifying disabled status. Veteran's
preference may be used only for initial employment with Clark County.  

NOTICE TO ALL APPLICANTS:  Applications must be received in Human
Resources by 5:00 pm on the closing date.
NOTICE TO DISABLED APPLICANTS:  Requests for accommodation should be
directed to Human Resources.

Notes 04/21/04 Revised closing date of 04/23/04 to Open Continuous. 

Human Resources Department
500 S. Grand Central Pkwy - 3rd Floor
PO Box 551791
Las Vegas, NV 89155-1791
(702) 455-4565 - Phone
(702) 455-2253 - Fax

HR Head - Airport Division
Chris Santiago (702) 261-5110  


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