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"Airport Management Positions - Iraq"

SkyLink Air and Logistic Support (USA), Incorporated has been awarded a $2.5
million initial award by the U.S. Agency for International Development
(USAID) to provide technical expertise to assess and manage airports in
Iraq, in order to facilitate humanitarian operations and restore normal
transportation services to Iraq. The re-opening and effective management of
the airports is considered a critical link in the U.S. government's
humanitarian and reconstruction assistance to the people of Iraq.

SkyLink will assess and manage the airports to insure that people, technical
assistance, supplies, food and materials for reconstruction enter the
country smoothly. Five Iraqi airports are covered under the terms of the
contract. These include the Bagdad, Basra and Mosul airports, as well as two
other domestic airports, to be specified at a later date.  SkyLink will
provide international staff with management expertise to assess and operate
the airports, vehicles and equipment. SkyLink will also develop plans to
ensure smooth airfreight and passenger service and prioritize improvements
necessary to insure that the airports operate in accordance with
International Civil Aviation Organization standards. As the contract
progresses, SkyLink will work with Iraqi staff in preparation for turning
over management. 

SkyLink is a financially and operationally independent Washington, D.C.
based firm with expertise in commercial projects as well as operations in
support of humanitarian relief and peacekeeping missions, air delivery, air
drop, and large scale passenger movements.  SkyLink has worked with numerous
U.S. government agencies and international organizations in the past, and is
pleased to be a part of the important reconstruction efforts in Iraq.  
Skylink USA is currently seeking numerous qualified individuals for airport
operations, administration, engineering, and maintenance positions at these
airports. Positions will only be offered to individuals who are willing to
work overseas for a period of one to three years. Salaries will be
commensurate with all positions plus various incentive pay and benefits.
Qualified candidates should send resume to HumanResources@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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