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Airport Certification/Safety Inspector

As many of you know, I will be retiring on Dec. 29th. The position will be 
advertised soon on the FAA website. (FAA.gov  FAA jobs  All Opportunity's  
California)  The position will be filled at the SFO/ADO.

I have performed this Certification/Safety position for 10 years and I do not 
think I have ever enjoyed work more or have had the opportunity to work with 
more capable people in my entire career. Though there is the story about "I'm 
with the Gov't and I am here to help you" rings true in some circles, what we 
do together and have done together is a result of the cooperation of 
everyone. I know it will continue.

I anyone is interested in finding out more about the position and it's 
responsibilities, email me and I will be happy to assist you.  


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