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Re: CAA: Ideas and Inovations List, Part 161 Study

>On Tue, 30 Jul 2002  <celestefrancis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>To: <idea@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: CAA: Ideas and Inovations List,  Part 161 Study

>Has anyone participated in a Part 161 Study.  Any words of wisdom? 
>Pitfalls?  Any information that you can offer will be deeply 

Celeste,  there have been only three airports that I recall having 
pursued Part 161 opportunities...Burbank, CA, Naples, FL and a GA 
airport somewhere whose location I forgot but whose's attempt was 
dismissed readily. The Naples study has perhaps gone the furthest with 
court cases. Not sure what happened in the case of Burbank. A Part 161 
Study was intended to be made difficult to accomplish which is why it 
has not been pursued readily. 

Steve Quilty


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