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, "Subscription Verification"

You are subscribed to the above referenced California Aviation Alliance
list. No response is necessary.

If you would like to be removed from this list, please follow the
instructions appearing at the bottom of this message.
Contact stepheni@cwnet.com if you have questions.

For a good overview of the CAA Lists, check out

A mailing list is a sort of electronic bulletin board which emails to all
subscribers messages posted by any subscriber. There are already a number of
mailing lists that deal with aviation.

The CAA lists are distinctive in that they have a narrower focus than many.
This means that you will not have to go through large numbers of messages
each day to find the few that are of real interest to you.

How to Post a Message to a list:

To "post" a message - that is, to send it to everyone on a mailing list -
simply enter the following address in the "To" line of your email program:
[insert list name here]@californiaaviation.org

You can also use the simple 'Post to Lists' form at

Press Releases may be sent using the form at
http://californiaaviation.org/press_release_form.htm (instructions on
writing press releases can be found at

As a courtesy to your fellow subscribers, please be sure that your message
is appropriate to the mailing list to which you are sending it. Messages
distributed to the list will contain the name of the list, followed by your
subject line entry in your post to the list. For example if you send a post
to the CAA: Mutual Help List (addressed to help@californiaaviation.org) with
'GA parking near your air carrier ramp' in the subject line, the post that
will be distributed to the list will be altered by the Listserver to
contain, 'CAA: Mutual Help List, "GA parking near your air carrier ramp" in
the subject line. Please note that you can only post on one of our mailing
lists after you have first subscribed to it; you can also only receive other
people's posts to a list after you have subscribed to it.

Sending Commands to the Listserver

Don't be confused by all these email addresses. It's really quite simple.
Use listserv@californiaaviation.org [that's right, no 'e' in listserve], to
send commands to the listserver to change your subscription status, and use
[insert name of list]@californiaaviation.org to send posts for distribution
to everyone on a particular list.

The easiest way to change your subscription (subscribe, unsubscribe, change
to/from Digest mode, etc.) is to use the simple form at

Remember, you can send commands to the listserver by addressing an email
(from the email address you want to subscribe/unsubscribe from) to

Commands sent to the listserver must be the only thing contained in the body
of your email message and follow the form, LISTNAME, i.e.. airport, help,
rfp, ganews, etc. COMMAND, subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.

CAA Mail List Archives:

We have just established a comprehensive list archive for your use with
improved search capability. We think you'll find information easier to find.
Check out the new CAA List Archives at

For more information on how the CAA Mailing Lists work, go to


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