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Mutual Help List, Hangar Construction

I have typically seen the hangar go on the airport's books immediately.  You 
should also be a named insured on any policies that the tenant is required to 
maintain.  As to whether or not you should also insure is another question that 
you should take up with your broker.  Maybe not if you have enough comfort that 
the tenant is adequately protecting you.  If there is a lien or a mortgage, 
they will get the first bite of the apple so you may want to insure it make 
sure you are whole in the event of a total loss.

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We have leased acreage to a tenant who is building a hangar.  The lease term is 
25 years.  At the end of the lease, the hangar will be property of the airport. 
 How/when is the hangar recorded on the airport's books.  They will be paying a 
monthly fee for the property.  

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