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"Streamline Board or Council Approvals for Grant Projects"

To my friends and colleagues, Greetings and Happy New Year!

Here's a request, a little help if you will:

When I run the processes of applying and accepting FAA grants... I have several 
Board of Supervisor appearances: 1) Approval to apply for grant; 2) Approval to 
advertise and subsequently bid; 3) Grant acceptance; 4) award of the contract 
to contractor. 

Has anybody had success in combining these steps and even vesting some of the 
steps in a lower office than the Board or Council, like say the Director of a 
Public Works?

If you have and would like to share examples of your language and/or 
approvals... Frankly anything would be appreciated.

Thank you very much! May you have a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous 2015!

Scotty Malta
Castle Airport
(209) 769-2262

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