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Mutual Help List, Construction flaggers - who do you use?


Here at MSP, we have the contractor hire the people who are used as "crossing 
guards" on the Movement Area.  The crossing guards take direction from the 
Radio Car Operator who is also hired by the contractor, and has a Movement Area 
License which authorizes them to operate on the Movement Area.  The crossing 
guards have minimal training as their only purpose is to stop or let 
construction traffic pass.  It's the Radio Car who is in contact with ATCT and 
Airside Operations and maintains situational awareness around construction 
vehicles and aircraft movement.  We've found this method to be very effective, 
safe and acceptable to the contractors.


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Here at DTW and YIP we have multiple construction projects that require 
flaggers for crossings at movement areas (taxiways).  We currently use flaggers 
who are trained by us, with an airfield operations specialist supervising each 
flagging point. 

Needless to say, this gets expensive when we have as many as four or five 
crossing points, plus it cuts down specialist availability for training.  

How do you staff crossing points?  We've discussed replacing the specialists 
with seasonal workers who have appropriate airport/aviation backgrounds and 
experience (retired air traffic controllers, retired airline/military pilots, 
students in college-level flight programs, etc).  The idea of replacing the 
flaggers with mobile, wireless remotely-controlled crossing gates has also been 
brought up.  

What do the assembled multitudes do?

Semper Fi


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