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Question concerning control tower equation

Everyone -

I have a question about equation that the FAA uses (or use to use) for determining if a control tower would be considered for an airport.

Background - Lynchburg Regional Airport is losing its contract control tower next month.  We're currently examining several options, including asking the state to use our entitlement funding to continue to operate the control tower for a few months until a permanent solution is found.  One of the questions from the Aviation Board was "Why are Air Carrier operations more important in determining if we get to keep our control tower"?

One piece of the answer is an equation I remember from college that used airline operations, general aviation operations and some other operations to get a result.  If the result was over a certain number - you were more likely to get a tower.

That class was over 25 years ago - I'm glad I remember the equation at all.

My question:  What was the equation for determining having a control tower?

Any comments would be appreciated, also feel free to email or call with any questions or comments about the tower closure issue.

Richard M. Stein, A.A.E.
Deputy Airport Director, Operations and Maintenance
Lynchburg Regional Airport
350 Terminal Drive, Suite 100
Lynchburg, VA  24502
(434) 455-6088
(434) 239-9027 (fax)


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