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Mutual Help List, Question: FBO requests taxilane on ramp



Hard to give you a direct answer here because of a number of unknowns.  Some basics -- AC’s do not address markings in non-movement areas, however, prudent operators should use those standards, particularly if they are in the liability stream (which you are).  There are no non-movement/movement markings crossing the entrance/exit taxiways to the ramp so there is no marking clue to the pilot that s/he is entering a movement/non-movement (if that is actually the case).


I would suggest that if you (as the airport operator) are providing advice to your tenant, that you follow the AC standards related to protection areas.  There are other issues, if you want to discuss, feel free to call.


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One of the airport's FBOs wants to mark a taxilane stripe onto their ramp (aerials attached).  They're requesting the marking for safety reasons.

However, the request has set off questions from airport management about taxilane safety areas, object free areas, etc.  Another question was "Can airplanes park on taxiways?"

I've worked at 5 airports and this issue has never come up before.  My questions:

        1.        Have any other airports currently have a taxilane in front of an FBO such is this?  If so, what issues and/or problems did you run across?

        2.        Do you see any pros/cons with this setup as shown?

        3.        Any comments on parking aircraft on taxilanes?

Thanks for your inputs.

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