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Mutual Help List, Question: FBO requests taxilane on ramp

When you create a taxi lane with a centerline marking on a non-movement area ramp, you have defined specific safety parameters.

1)    A taxi lane by definition has an Object Free Area (OFA) of 1.2  x the wingspan  (of the aircraft design group (ADG) aircraft you plan for)  + 20 feet =  OFA

2)    You have now guaranteed / assumed liability for, a pilot who puts his nose wheel on the center line having that much known / definitional clearance.

3)   Typically on a ramp you also need taxi lane edge markings to delineate the “taxi lane” from the “ramp” otherwise there is no visual indication of what size aircraft it was laid out for.

4)   You don’t park in an OFA,  that is why it is called an Object Free Area.

5)   If you do not paint a taxi lane, then it is a non-movement area ramp,  clearances are not definitional, it is the pilot’s responsibility to determine if he has safe clearance to taxi.




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One of the airport's FBOs wants to mark a taxilane stripe onto their ramp (aerials attached).  They're requesting the marking for safety reasons.

However, the request has set off questions from airport management about taxilane safety areas, object free areas, etc.  Another question was "Can airplanes park on taxiways?"

I've worked at 5 airports and this issue has never come up before.  My questions:

        1.        Have any other airports currently have a taxilane in front of an FBO such is this?  If so, what issues and/or problems did you run across?

        2.        Do you see any pros/cons with this setup as shown?

        3.        Any comments on parking aircraft on taxilanes?

Thanks for your inputs.

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