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"Shooting Varmits"

SJC Also uses baiting.  We have several Staff members that are certified
to bait and we have an annual program established within our CMMS to
place the bait out in early spring each year

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Maybe there are a few nuclear weapons still laying around you could 
use.  Seriously, shooting ground squirrels is not cost effective.  
Baiting the squirrels is the best method and the county agricultural 
commissioner's office can provide expertise and also sell the bait for 
the job.  The coyotes are there because of the squirrels, get rid of the

squirrels and the coyotes will move on to the surrounding cattle and 
sheep.  Good luck.

On 11/10/2011 2:46 AM, Stephen Irwin, M.S., A.A.E., I.A.P. wrote:
> Specifically for those in CA, but open for comment to anyone - is
anybody out there shooting ground squirrels and coyotes on their
> I'm specifically looking to see if any airport/operation, etc. is
actively shooting the varmits on their airfield.
> Thanks
> Scotty
> smalta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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