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Mutual Help List, Compass Rose

Stuart  --

If this compass rose is to be used for its true intended purpose (e.g., legal 
calibration of magnetic compasses and electronic / navigational avionics by 
FAA-approved technicians), then it should be laid out very carefully by a 
surveyor, documented / marked, and resurveyed on a regular basis.  Guidance in 
this regard is provided in:  AC 150/5300-13 Airport Design (Appendix 4 - 
Compass Calibration Pad).  However, if the intent of the compass rose is 
primarily for appearance sake with occasional use by pilots to informally check 
their compasses, then a plain old magnetic north orientation with cardinal 
headings should be OK.  I would suggest that you talk with your based FBOs and 
mechanics to see what level of interest they have in the more formal (and 
costly) installation.

Contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

--  David Heal / Mead & Hunt, Inc. / 707-526-5010

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Our local EAA and 99's want to paint a compass rose at the airport. They have 
asked for true north to be staked for them. Everything I have seen refers to 
magnetic north for a compass rose. Has anyone else used true north and how did 
you indicate that?

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