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Mutual Help List, Pollution Liability Insurance


That is one of those policies that begs the question "When is enough good 

I am sure that Insurance companies would be willing to assist you in developing 
min standards that mandate it's acquisition AND 
Enviro/Green/Tree/Earth-is-warming groups that would love to see levels of 
these types of protection raised.

We don't in short, but I would guess that 97% + of the GA airports out there do 
not require it or even have it themselves.

What we do rely on is the tenant corporate risk managers assessments in 
addressing concerns.  

Travis McQueen - KHNB

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Dear friends & colleagues, I have a question... Do any of you have a 
requirement for your tenants, particularly business tenants, like FBOs, 
Maintenance, etc. to carry Pollution Liability Insurance? If so, how do you 
determine how much coverage they need to carry?

Thank you
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