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Mutual Help List, Airshow question

Look into road closures around you perimeter - which is good just for safety also.
Create a fee for standing outside your fence, especially if it is on airport property. Less than inside the gate but still a fee - galley fee at 1/2 inside the fence.
Place signage on the fence a week before the show indicating a fee will be charged and show it on your web site and in you ads
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I am not a huge airshow, but have been doing airshows at Marysville since 1994,  we addressed this a number of years ago for our airport tenants…I started a special “Pilots Circle” membership program in which those “invited” were given a package deal that includes access to the show, a special viewing area with food and other stuff, and also allowing them to watch with their friends in their hangar…the member can make special arrangements for their guests with management…..the initial invitation went to the airport tenants…the next year, those members were allowed to “invite” a new member or to bring a guest at a reduced rate..not all tenants all members…but, what has happened through the years…is that those that are members watch over those that are not and make them pay for admission…for those tenants that give you an excuse that they need to go to their hangars for whatever…we do not hassle them and give them a “hangar parking pass.”   The pilot circle members and any guests have special entry bands and a special entrance to set them apart….


So…my point here is to come up with something that is special to the tenants, can add some revenue to your show, and everyone will buy into…


…I would be interested in how Gary Airport accomplishes charging for landside…..have not come up with any solution here….and everyone lines up just outside the perimeter fence for a great viewing point and I can’t blame them for that….

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My experience is that friends and family of hangars with street access get to watch for free.  T-Hangar tenants is another story.  Assuming that you require badges, the tenant of the t-hangar could escort one or two people but you have to decide how to control their movement if their hangar doesn’t face the show.  Gary Airport charges people to sit for parking and lets them view from landside.


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Everyone -

I've been tasked with trying to find out information.  The situation is that we're having our 1st airshow in 2 weeks, and we've got tenants asking if they can have customers and family - and outside organizations such as schools - asking if they can be here at the airport to watch the Blue Angels practice for free.

How do other airports with big airshows handle this?  We do have several options: 1) deny everyone, 2) put the problem onto the airshow organizers, or 3) just let everyone come out to watch the practice.

Any input you have is appreciated.

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