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Airshow agreement and fees question


We use a special event permit for our airshow, it's relatively simple 
with the exception of the insurance requirements.  I will fax a copy 
of this to your office next week.

In terms of fees we charge them a special event fee of $1,250 (which 
is applicable to all special events), 1.5% of the gate as they are a 
non-profit organization, staff overtime and any costs for additional clean-up.


At 07:55 AM 12/13/2010, you wrote:

>Everyone -
>I've been asked to gather get some use agreements between airports 
>and airshow organizations.  We've got an organization wanting to 
>have an airshow in April and the information will help in drawing up 
>an agreement.
>Also, what sort of fee arrangement have other airports made for 
>allowing use of the airport?
>Thanks for your responses.
>Richard M. Stein, A.A.E.
>Deputy Airport Director, Operations and Maintenance
>Lynchburg Regional Airport
>350 Terminal Drive, Suite 100
>Lynchburg, VA  24502
>(434) 455-6088
>(434) 239-9027 (fax)

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