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Mutual Help List, Automated parking system

One of my favorite subjects, but not one with an easy answer (that I have 

While this is not what you mentioned, we plan to implement a "Pay and Display" 
system.  This causes the parker to pay at a pay station, take the receipt and 
"display" it on the dash of their car.  Sometime during the night a security 
guard walks the parking lot to make sure everyone has a receipt on their dash.  
If they don't they are ticketed in some fashion.  You get your payment up 
front, and (I believe) you have fewer moving parts: gates, ticket spitters, pay 
stations and the like.  I have not priced this system yet.

Please post any wisdom you've gathered.  Small airport parking is a great 
revenue source, but there seems to be no good system.

Tom Williams

Meridian Airport Authority


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We are a small airport looking at implementing an automated parking system 

for our parking lot - on entry you take a ticket and pay on exit with cash 

or credit card. Does anyone know of a good system for a very small airport. 

Most systems are too expensive for the revenue we generate. Any help would 

be appreciated. 

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