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Airshow agreement and fees question

Mr Stein:

LIH has had two air shows in the last 10 years, both very successful in showing 
off the airport to the community.  However, as you express how do you protect 
the airport against those who, for whatever reason, will never appreciate what 
we do, those slips, trips, and falls that are bound to occur at any gathering 
of the public at the airport.  

LIH used a standard "Hold Harmless" agreement created by our legal staff to 
have participants (those pilots/organizations providing static or aerial 
demonstrations) to sign.  Our Insurance carrier had a one time program that 
would increase any other participants.

I cannot remember the exact regulation or circular right this second, but the 
FAA has an Advisory Circular detailing what they require as a minimum, a little 
searching will get you to it and I found it very useful.

As a matter of fact I have begun planning one for next Memorial Day.  Hickam 
AFB, where I retired as a CMsgt after 25 years in the USAF, is a stones throw 
across the channel and they are equipped with the F22 and I have been in 
contact with them to perform a demo flight.  The Guard/Reserve is perhaps one 
of your best assets, and each unit have one pilot qualified to perform aircraft 
demonstrations.  The biggest issue is to work very closely with this pilot to 
determine the necessary air space restrictions that must be cleared through the 
FAA and local community. 

That's about all I can offer from my experience at this time.  I will dig up as 
much as I can from the files available and forward to you.  I would also 
request sharing anything you receive that may be helpful for our planning as 

Warmest Mahalo 
Timothy A. Skinner, A.A.E, PhD, MBA, MS
Assistant Airport Manager - Lihue Airport

---- Richard.Stein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
> Everyone -
> I've been asked to gather get some use agreements between airports and 
> airshow organizations.  We've got an organization wanting to have an 
> airshow in April and the information will help in drawing up an agreement. 
> Also, what sort of fee arrangement have other airports made for allowing 
> use of the airport?
> Thanks for your responses.
> Richard M. Stein, A.A.E.
> Deputy Airport Director, Operations and Maintenance
> Lynchburg Regional Airport
> 350 Terminal Drive, Suite 100
> Lynchburg, VA  24502
> (434) 455-6088
> (434) 239-9027 (fax)
> richard.stein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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