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re: animal kennels

Title: Re: CAA: Mutual Help List, re: animal kennels

 Bummer Dude,
Well the housing market should be wide open there.  I thought I heard they had one of the hardest hit housing markets in the nation.  You should be able to snag a really nice rental dirt cheap.  Especially with those big Station Manager bucks you'll be making now!  Let me know when you're in town and have time for a cold one.

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Subject: Re: CAA: Mutual Help List,  re: animal kennels

Non-aeronautical use?  Be careful re FAA grant assurances and other compliance requirements.  Private-owned kennel "business, or public owned "shelter/pound"?  Big difference.

R. Austin Wiswell
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Subject: CAA: Mutual Help List,  re: animal kennels

anyone have an RFP they are willing to share for a kennel located on the airport?  thanks
carrie novick, redmond airport
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