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Airport Emergency Plan question

Mary and Richard:


Our airport just finished having a consultant to rewrite our AEP.  It is a complete nightmare and impossible to use effectively during a disaster or emergency.


The primary cause is on the part of the consultant does not actually understand what is required to be accomplished during an emergency.  Therefore, they have included every aspect of the Incident Command system as offered by the NFPA (not the FAA A/C) as if it is gospel.  


I remind them that when examining the IC regulations it does not require/mandate inclusion of all the actions they are demanding.  It is like management, having  hired a consultant they relieve themselves of any liability they think, and the Consultant getting paid by the word walks away a whole lot richer. 


The basics behind IC is to insure you have sufficient dollars or assists/resources available to respond to an accident/incident, and the only way to recover funds/resources expended (rivet for rivet) via full documentation of such items/actions.  Also, I wrote the document in such a manner that the QRC (Quick Reaction Checklists) are used by the first responders, while the team in the ECC are documenting/tracking the resources expended as well as highlighting these expenditures or request for replacement of these resources from other airports (to be replenished when Fed assistance or insurance funds are received.


Therefore, composing your AEP in the format detailed in the  A/C is what the FAA will approve, anything above that only causes questions and potential findings during your annual 139 inspection.  Remember the NFPA is trying to get airport firefighters to comply with their rules because they are telling the FAA and aircraft is a structure requiring a completely different approach to fighting the fire.(2 in 2 out for every floor/square foot of the structure, and all equipment to support this policy).  The NFPA refuse to acknowledge that the basic ARFF rule is to knock down a clear path that survivors of the impact can use to escape to safety.  It is not often you will have an ARFF going into the fuselage to rescue anyone and if they do the “Snozzle” penetrates the fuselage to knock down the fire do those possibly trapped have a survivable environment that the ARFF can come in and get you out.


Feel free to contact me at 808 274 38009 (after the 17th) or on my cell 808 651-0410.




Timothy A. Skinner, A.A.E., PhD, MBA, MS

Assistant Airport Manager, Lihue Airport


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Hi Richard,

We are in the same boat, and plan to work on ours in September.  What ever information you receive would you please share?



Mary Catherine Tennant

Airport Management Analyst

Prescott Municipal Airport

928/777-1114   fax 928/771-5861

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You are right with about 280 pages in the AC it is a daunting task. The best help I have found is the lengthy checklist included within the AC as a guiding template. I am not convinced the FAA is prepared to address all the issues they will be facing as all the airports begin to forward their documents.  


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Everyone -

I've been assigned to rewrite the Airport Emergency Plan to be in accordance with AC 150/5200-31C and I'm having difficulty figuring out what the FAA wants as the finished product.

Could anyone who has an approved AEP that has been written to comply with 31C please email me a copy so that I can see what the FAA will approve?

Thanks for your help,

Richard M. Stein, A.A.E.
Deputy Airport Director, Operations and Maintenance
Lynchburg Regional Airport
350 Terminal Drive, Suite 100
Lynchburg, VA  24502
(434) 455-6088
(434) 239-9027 (fax)


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