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Association of California Airports, "Airport Name DedicationProcess"

Yep, that the process AFTER you select the new name.


The Harry Krug Intergalactic Spaceport has a nice ring to it.


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I believe the first step is a resolution from the airport sponsor (i.e. City counsel, board of supervisors, etc.) declaring the new name. You then provide the resolution for the new name with an application to amend your State airport permit to show the new name. You also provide the resolution to the FAA to amend your 139 certificate (if applicable) and update your 5010, etc.
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Subject: Association of California Airports, "Airport Name Dedication Process"

Many airports have added a name to their airport to honor a person who has done something significant for the airport.  My question is what steps to you follow in proposing and adopting the name change?  Any suggestions or helpful hints would be appreciated.


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And no they don’t want to name it after me!


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