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"Airport Name Dedication Process"

Harry, I'd avoid it like the plague. For example: Chico is technically named Jean Morney field. No one knows it, they call it CMA (Chico Municipal Airport), although CMA is really Camarillo. That gets real confusing to the transients.
In Atlanta, they just had a long drawn out fight over renaming their airport.
The trend over the past few years is to rename the airport after a well known nearby attraction: Fresno-Yosemite International, Reno-Tahoe, etc.
Regretfully, Colusa has no such tourist attraction yet.

>>> "Stephen Irwin" <stepheni@xxxxxxxxx> 9/29/2009 12:18 AM >>>

Many airports have added a name to their airport to honor a person who has done something significant for the airport.  My question is what steps to you follow in proposing and adopting the name change?  Any suggestions or helpful hints would be appreciated.


Harry Krug

Colusa County Airport


And no they don't want to name it after me!


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