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Runway de-icer, ARFF truckequipment questions

In DBQ we ran into the same issue with E-36. Our provider cited potash labor disputes as the primary culprit. The alternative to E-36 wasn't FAA approved which made us pretty nervous and luckily we didn't need to buy any. Now that the labor issue has been resolved, we've been told that the price for E-36 will drop a little, but not to its previous levels. Regretfully, for a 139 airport in the snow belt, there aren't many options and we have only 5 months until snow season begins again. Yahoo!
As for the FAA on the AC, I hadn't heard that, and although we won't buy a new ARFF vehicle for a few more years, I'd like to see how this shakes out.
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Everyone -

I've been requested to research other airport's experiences, and get any input, on the following questions:

        1.        Now that snow season is over in central Virginia, it's time to refill our E-36 deicer fluid tanks.  We've used 3,700 gallons this season.  However,                 we originally budgeted $8,000 for the refill, but the proposed cost from the manufacturer is $35,000.  We have an alternative fluid that would cost                 only $25,000.  My Airport Director would like additional input from other airports to see if anyone else had this happen to them, along with any                 possible solutions to lower the cost, and any explanation of why the cost jumped so much in one year.

        2.        The second item is the purchase of a new ARFF truck - which is due to arrive in July.  Originally, various equipment to outfit the truck was                         specified in the older AC for ARFF truck purchases, making them eligible for FAA funding.  Now the FAA is saying that the new AC has                         removed the specifications for the equipment which now makes equipment not AIP eligible.  We're planning on following a middle course of                 moving some equipment from truck to truck, but the major purchase is the airpacks which run about $5K apiece.   The change in the AC is                         causing us some problems because we originally budgeted the equipment to be AIP eligible.  I have been asked to research if any other                         airports are going through the same issues and how they responded.

Thanks for your help with researching my questions.

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