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Mutual Help List, signage

Aloha All:

We're not looking at signage we're marketing the airport right?  At
Hickam and Vance I had those Big screens where you can change the
message verbiage and animation etc. remotely.  We justified them to
Welcome DV's first; but when the DV's weren't around to see their name
in lights we directed our messages to the real important people. 

You know those who worked for a living, have a sense of pride in their
work, and enjoyed a sense of humor. The sign which greeted most of our
transient aircrews was a reward or special at the "O" club or Commissary
etc. with a fill-up of 600 lbs or Fuel or some other gimmick to get them
to use more of our services--BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY TO RETURN OFTEN. 

Trust me, most came in with empty tanks, full stomachs, and said what
the heck let's just spend the night too.  Our contract fueling agent,
base services loved it, and the local town gained new business and
friends from the overnighters.
Tim Skinner

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John - Redmond and Klamath Falls airports have been trying to get
to put commercial advertising on the backs of the RW TW guide signs
Burger King, Best Western, Chevron, the local nudie bar, etc.) but so
the FAA has been a bit tedious about agreeing to this.  Our view is that
there is nothing on the backs of those signs anyway, so why not use them
a revenue source.  The FAA is always after us about making the airport
sufficient.  Maybe you could see what your Airports people would think

Hal Wight

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Subject: CAA: Mutual Help List, signage

> I'm looking for suggestions on signage that makes an airport more
> user-friendly to GA customers.  One goal is to tell transients what's
> available and where (weather/flight planning, fuel, etc)...i.e.,
> "customer service" signage that makes transients feel welcome and will
> help them.  What sorts of things do other airports highlight in their
> signage (if anything), and what kinds of signs do you use?
> Other comments regarding signage solicited and welcomed.
> Semper Fi
> John Lawson, A.A.E.
> Airport Manager
> Grosse Ile Municipal Airport
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