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Mutual Help List, boats and ground leases


Since the space is not large enough for an aircraft you should consider all
options. I agree, its lost revenues. Leases can be structured to protect you
the landlord as far as what can and cannot be stored. Keep it a short term,
best a month to month, so if you have a violation, you can terminate.

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Hello all and a pre-emptive thanks....
We have a couple of end units on our T-Hangars (1/2 of a T) that someone
wants to rent out for boat/rv storage. Does anyone have input for me on this
as they will not hold an aircraft and I see it as lost revenue. Secondly,
can I please get some ideas on ground lease rates you charge at your
airport. And THANKS.... Rod

Rod Buchanan
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Subject: CAA: Mutual Help List, Cost Allocation

To all:

We're starting to review our costs and prepare for airline/rental car
negotiations next year.  I'm curious as to how you other small
(GA/non-hub/small) airports keep track of your costs and how you
allocate them to the users (especially the categories into which you
allocate them).  We use the compensatory methods of We use QuickBooks,
so it's not difficult for us to classify expenditures and allocate
them...I'm interested in how you specifically structure your accounts
and how you decide what expenditures go where (especially indirect
expenditures such as salaries, administrative overhead, etc).  I've
looked in the AAAE Information Library, there's some useful information
but it's rather dated (10+ years)...would be a good accreditation
management paper topic for someone who has an interest in that sort of

John Lawson, A.A.E.
Airports Director
Beaufort County SC
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