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"Ethics & The Administration of Public-Use Airports"

A fascinating discussion.

I think one very positive trend is what I see as a new commitment to
fill airport management positions at the highest levels with people
actually knowledgeable about aviation. Detroit Metro, Boston Logan and
Miami come immediately to mind. All three organizations had long
histories of political patronage. It's a mistake to minimize the
importance of strong technical and managerial skills by installing
political cronies in these jobs.


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Ethics? WELL! another fine Pandora box you've gotten us into Steve!  

Why do I feel not many will touch this subject in an open forum with a 
10 (or even one) foot pole? Probably because a question of ethics 
applies to the other guy, not to me (rhetorically speaking). It is tough

to discuss without pointing fingers or making judgments of who will cast

the first stone. But it is a subject matter of importance in our field 
(and all others). Just whose ethics do we follow though? I know you have

some specific examples in mind of recent events. What might open up the 
discussion is to give a scenario and have folks discuss how they would 
handle it, rather than a broad general discussion that is difficult to 
grasp? You first.

Best regards,

Steve Q.

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