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Mutual Help List, Above Ground Fuel Tanks

Thanks a bunch. I'll pass this on.
Lyn Buric-Story
City of Santa Barbara Airport Dept.
Senior Engineering Tech

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This is a close one, 8' high at 50' out fits assuming you are far enough
from the end of the runway, but it would not have to be far (260'to 500', it
varies according to approach catagory).  

Your airport rules/regulations and any authority reserved for the airport
approval of facilities would have more effect here.

Hi to Hazel.

Call me at 909.387.7806 if you have any questions.

Bill Ingraham, AAE
Director of Airports
County of San Bernardino

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Subject: CAA: Mutual Help List, Above Ground Fuel Tanks

Is anyone here familiar with an interpretation of the FAR 77 or any other
ordinances that could help us prevent the installation of an above ground
fuel tank system about 50 ft outside an RPZ yet only 8'tall. It seems to be
with in the guidelines (below approach surfaces), however it is
uncomfortably close if there was to be a short landing. 
thanks, Lyn 
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