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"Remote-controlled airplanes banned from local airport, concerns over full-sized aircraft safety"

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Remote-controlled airplanes banned from local airport, concerns over
full-sized aircraft safety
Ban date is set for September 9th
By Lia Steinberg 
KERO-TV Ch 23 (ABC), Bakersfield (CA)

Club members at the Bakersfield Airplane Radio Control Society are forced to
cut their air time short after their remote-controlled airplanes have been
banished from the Elk Hills-Buttonwillow airport.

BARKS members have sent in more than 67 letters to county supervisors to
reconsider the ban they placed on remote-controlled airplanes. Supervisors
at the California Department of Transportation say they are concerned that
these model airplanes could interfere with real air traffic and say they
fear a collision. Although there has never been an incident with full-sized
airplanes before, they do not want to take any chances.  

Long-time model flying enthusiasts are very upset over the decision.

"To lose the facility itself that is very unique and to not be able to enjoy
the hobby there has really impacted a lot of people," George Walker, a BARKS
spokesperson, said. 

Director Richard Strickland set a model airplane ban date for September 9th
but BARKS members have stopped using the airport for the first time in 13

A temporary agreement is under consideration.

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