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"Connecticut airport manager fired over $400,000 driveway job"

Friday, August 2, 2013

Sikorsky Airport manager fired over $400,000 driveway job
The Associated Press

BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport's mayor has fired the manager of Sikorsky Airport as
authorities investigate why taxpayers paid for a driveway leading to a
mansion of an airport neighbor.

The Connecticut Post reports John Ricci was fired Thursday from his
$94,000-a-year job.

The city paid $400,000 for the driveway and Ricci hired the mansion's owner,
developer Manuel Moutinho, to build it.

Ricci has acknowledged that he also had private business dealings with
Moutinho, but says the city was aware of that relationship. City records
show the two were involved in property transactions. 

The city's attorney had previously defended the driveway deal as necessary
for the creation of a safety zone around the airport.

The newspaper reports the FBI has been investigating the contract.



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