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"FBI probes North Carolina airport"

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Firms unsure of their status in FBI investigation of Foothills Regional
By Julie N. Chang and Sharon McBrayer
The Hickory (NC) Daily Record

MORGANTON, NC - Some of the businesses listed in an attachment to an FBI
warrant served on Foothills Regional Airport are wondering why their names
were included in the attachment.

The FBI seized records from the airport involving employees Alex Nelson and
Brad Adkins and records relating to Randy Hullette, Hullette Aviation,
Burkemont Service Center, RANMAC, Inc., Jeffrey Rose, Grady Rose Tree
Service, Jimmy "Ron" Gilbert, Gilbert Grading and Construction, Simon
Roofing and Parton Lumber.

When Gilbert Grading and Construction was contacted, a woman who identified
herself as Gilbert's wife but declined to give her name, said the company
has worked with the airport off and on for about six years, putting up metal
buildings, landscaping, painting and cutting down trees.

The business doesn't know why it was included in the attachment, the woman

The woman said her husband was served a subpoena to appear in court at the
Catawba County Courthouse. When the couple showed up at the courthouse, her
husband was dismissed. They haven't heard from anyone since, the woman said.

"It's frustrating," she said. "We'd like to know what happened."

Grady Rose, the owner of Rose Lot Clearing, formerly Grady Rose Tree
Service, similarly said he doesn't know why his business is included in the

His business hasn't worked with the airport in at least five years, Rose
said. It cleared some land for the airport in 2007.

He's also wondering why Jeffrey Rose was named in the attachment.

"Jeffrey Rose hasn't been with us for about 20 years," Rose said.

Rose said no one has contacted him about the investigation.

Parton Lumber also questioned why it's listed in the attachment.

Parton Lumber bought a tract of timber from the airport this year, said a
representative who declined to be identified. The business transaction had
nothing to do with the two airport employees also named in the attachment,
the representative said.

"We haven't had any correspondence with anybody in an authoritative
position," the representative said. The person made no further comments.

Simon Roofing, a company headquartered in Ohio, declined to comment about
its involvement with Foothills Regional Airport. The company has an office
in Charlotte and specializes in commercial roofing.

Hullette did not respond to requests for comments regarding himself,
Hullette Aviation, Burkemont Service Center and RANMAC, Inc.

Two of Hullette's businesses listed on the warrant had their corporation
status dissolved in 2010, and another was dissolved earlier in 2004.

Burkemont Service Center, located on Burkemont Road, had its incorporation
designation suspended Oct. 11, 2010, according to filings listed with the
North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State. The business was first
incorporated in May 2003, according to filings.

The department issued a certificate of dissolution in August 2010 for
failing to file five annual reports, the documents say, but it gave the
business 60 days to comply.

A revenue suspension on the business came a day shy of two months later and
was by direction of the North Carolina Department of Revenue for the
business failing to "comply with the requirements of the Department of
Revenue pursuant to N.C.G.S. 105-230(a)," according to filings.

Beth Stevenson, director of public affairs for the NC Department of Revenue,
said a revenue suspension is due to a corporation not filing corporate
income/franchise tax returns or not paying corporate tax.

Hullette Aviation's incorporation was dissolved in August 2010 for failing
to file an annual report and also received a revenue suspension in October
2010, according to documents on file with the Secretary of State's office.
The business was first incorporated in January 2003.

Another business of Hullette's not listed on the warrant, Morganton Aviation
Repair Inc, was incorporated in May 2003. It received a dissolution notice
in August 2010 and a revenue suspension in October 2010, according to
filings with the NC Department of the Secretary of State.

RANMAC Inc. was first incorporated in May 1990 and received a revenue
suspension in December 1994. Its incorporation was re-instated on Sept. 21,
1995 but it received a notice of dissolution in October 1995. RANMAC Inc
received another revenue suspension in May 2004, which is the last action on
the incorporation listed with the NC Department of the Secretary of State.

A dissolution of a corporation doesn't mean a business can't continue to
operate, it just won't have a corporate structure, said Liz Proctor,
spokesperson for the NC Department of the Secretary of State. A business can
continue on as a sole proprietorship, Proctor said.

There is, however, legal and tax advantages to being a corporation, Proctor

According to filings with the Department of the Secretary of State:

* Grady Rose Tree Service Inc was incorporated in June 1978. Its
incorporation was dissolved in July 1993 but re-instated in October 2000,
according to the filings with the state. The company appears to be current
on filing required yearly statements with the state.

* Gilbert Grading is headquartered in Hendersonville and was incorporated at
the end of 2008. Its annual report to the Department of the Secretary of
State was filed in February.

* Simon Roofing and Sheet Metal Corporation is based in Youngstown, Ohio and
has an office in Mooresville, according to filings. Its first filing with
the state Department of the Secretary of State was for a certificate of
authority in 1989.

Simon Roofing received a revenue suspension on Dec. 3, 1990 but was
reinstated Dec. 12, 1990, according to filings. The company made several
paperwork changes but later had its certificate of authority - it's ability
to do business in North Carolina - revoked Sept. 2, 2010 for failing to file
annual reports, according to the filings. The company filed an application
for certificate of authority and an annual report on Sept. 28, 2010. The
company also filed an annual report in 2011, according to the filings.

* Parton Lumber Company Inc. was incorporated in 1960 and is up-to-date on
its incorporation filings with the state.


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