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"Eminent Domain: Arizona officials want to purchase land adjacent to Glendale Municipal Airport runway"

Friday, December 23, 2011

Glendale wants to purchase land adjacent to Municipal Airport runway
The Arizona Republic

Glendale could forcibly take two parcels of privately owned land near the
municipal airport for safety concerns.
The City Council voted 6-0 in a Tuesday special meeting to give the city
attorney the authority to proceed if needed with using eminent domain to
obtain 42.6 acres owned by the Conair Corp.
Councilwoman Norma Alvarez was absent.
The land is beyond the end of the runway and would be part of a zone that
protects people and property on the ground should an aircraft land or crash.
Glendale has offered $5 million to Conair, which made a counter offer of
$14.6 million, according to City Attorney Craig Tindall.
"We are in negotiations to purchase that property," Tindall said.
Andrew Marwick, a Phoenix resident at the meeting, said a runway protection
zone is important but questioned if the city's need to acquire those
particular parcels were a "major safety issue." He also questioned the cost
to the city if it went ahead with condemnation proceedings. Marwick is a
member of the Glendale Tea Party Patriots, which often attend council
meetings and weighs in on city spending.
Stephen Alley, Conair's director of western operations, would not comment on
the issue Wednesday other than to say, "We have a good relationship with the
city and hope this can be resolved amicably."
Conair, best known as the maker of curling irons and hair dryers, has called
the Glendale Airpark Business Center home since 1990. The airpark is north
of the airport.
In 2009, Conair purchased a 619,000-square-foot industrial building in the
airpark for $17.4 million.
City officials at the time heralded the purchase as doubling the company's
presence in the city, adding $4.3 million to the city's treasury over the
next 10 years.

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