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"Barry Schiff Joins Wolf Aviation Fund"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Barry Schiff Joins Wolf Aviation Fund
Promoting and Supporting General Aviation and the Public's Understanding of
Press Release

Distinguished Pilot and Author Becomes Honorary Spokesperson for
Philanthropic Foundation

The Wolf Aviation Fund, noted for its long support of people doing great
work in General Aviation, is pleased to announce that Captain Barry Schiff
is now serving as its honorary spokesperson, promoting the Fund and all
those who have received its awards and recognition.

Barry, retired after a long time airline career for TWA, has enjoyed a
parallel career as a celebrated aviation writer, with more than 1600
articles and dozens of books and videos to his credit.  He has earned
worldwide recognition for his aviation accomplishments and writing, which
occurred during a career flying almost 28,000 hours in more than 325 types
of aircraft.

Many of Barry's articles celebrate those who champion aviation as educators,
airport advocates, and innovators in aviation.  He served for many years as
Chairman of the Santa Monica Airport 
Association, where he was directly involved in the battle to preserve that
airport in the 1980's, and later to preserve access for general aviation in
the skies of Southern California following the sudden closure of the visual
flight corridor over Los Angeles International Airport, which was
subsequently reopened.

Regarding his new office, Barry says, "I am delighted to be able to
volunteer in support of the Wolf Aviation Fund.  Over the years I have seen
many wonderful programs and projects come alive because of the support and
recognition that have resulted from Wolf Aviation Fund awards."

"In fact I received the Fund's very first grant in 1992, for my proposal to
create VFR Routing Charts through busy terminal control areas. This grant
encouraged me to persevere with this project, which led to a greater
understanding of how important it is to maintain plenty of accessible
airspace around busy metropolitan areas. This enhances the flow of traffic,
greatly reduces the burden on air traffic control, and makes it possible for
reliever airports to remain viable and useful for communities and aviators

"I know first hand how much a Wolf Aviation Fund award means to any
individual or group struggling to bring some new program to light.  We
should all think of how we can help make great things happen in aviation."

Since that first grant the Wolf Aviation Fund has gone on to provide more
than 300 more awards, to individuals and groups working to inspire children
to learn from aviation, serve those in need by flying as volunteer pilots,
preserve our airports ranging from mountain airstrips to large airfields,
develop new technologies and products, gather together to work together in
support of general aviation, and to learn how to tell their stories and
develop public support and recognition for their efforts.

Barry has helped the Fund previously, serving as a consultant and
volunteering his time to appear in a video as part of the "Lessons Learned:
First Aid Kit for Airports" project.

The Fund's Executive Director Rol Murrow notes, "We are truly honored to
have Barry support the Wolf Aviation Fund in this way.  He personifies not
only the image of a consummate aviation advocate, but also as 'every pilot's
pilot,' helping all pilots everywhere in becoming better aviators - and in
fighting for general aviation."

In addition to providing grants the Wolf Aviation Fund is engaged in a
campaign to raise additional funds which will permit it to provide more
awards for new projects and programs.  Recently the Fund has received more
and more excellent proposals, yet not all have been able to be funded.

"We have seen how the problems of our economy have negatively affected
aviation," says Murrow.  "It has also made it especially hard for those with
small or startup projects to find the financial support they need.  This can
be very discouraging.

"We welcome Barry's acting as our champion, encouraging those who have
enjoyed being able to fly or who have been successful in aviation to
contribute directly to the hundreds of folks and groups we have supported,
and to our Fund so we can support even more.   Our goal is to make their
dreams come true."

To learn more, we encourage everyone to visit the Wolf Aviation Fund website
at www.wolf-aviation.org.
>From Wikipedia:  Barry Schiff is a pilot and author of more than 1,600
articles published in 90 aviation magazines, notably AOPA Pilot of which he
is a contributing editor.  Schiff holds 10 journalism awards from the
Aviation/Space Writers Association and four special awards from the FAA.  He
is also a member of the Aviation Speakers Bureau.
Additional information about Captain Barry Schiff and his career can be
obtained on his website at: 
The Wolf Aviation Fund is a 501 C 3 nonprofit foundation which was created
thanks to Alfred "Abby" and Constance "Connie" Wolf, who left their estate
for the purpose.  Connie was a world record setting gas balloonist and Abby
was a prominent Philadelphia attorney and one of the five founders of the
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. 
The group's Mission Statement says "The Foundation shall promote and support
the advancement of personal air transportation by seeking and funding the
most promising individuals and worthy projects which advance the field of
general aviation; by increasing the public's knowledge of aviation through
publications, seminars, and other information media; by informing the
aviation and scientific community of the existence and purpose of the Fund;
and by soliciting and receiving feedback concerning Foundation-supported

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