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Suburban Airport Plans Worry Neighbors

January 19, 2004

Airport Plans Worry Neighbors
AVweb, U.S.

A Maryland developer has come up with a novel approach
to gaining approval for his plans to cover an airport
in condos. Polm Companies Ltd. says that if it can't
build 600 homes, it will instead turn the sleepy
Suburban Airport into a major business and commuter
facility. Suburban is now home to 65 airplanes and 37
hangars. Polm envisions 300 aircraft, 160 hangars, a
flight school and heliport. Of course, if the local
council prefers, the company could put in the nice,
quiet condos, instead. However, Bruce Mundie, director
of the Maryland Aviation Administration, has assured
local residents that Polm's plans are pie-in-the-sky.
Mundie said the 54-acre airport simply doesn't have
the space for all that development. He said, at most,
it could handle half of what is being proposed. But
Polm spokesman Andrew Zois said the development plans
were designed by "highly regarded aviation
specialists" who have assured Polm that the plans are
feasible. Zois also insists the operation would be
"extraordinarily profitable." Polm has issued public
statements in recent weeks saying it doesn't need
council permission to expand the airport because the
zoning is already in place. Rezoning would be required
for the housing development. 

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