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21 'Condo' Hangars Planned in Arlington Airport Project

Wednesday, January 07, 2004 

21 'Condo' Hangars Planned in Arlington Airport Project
Seattle Times, WA 

Developers hope to build individually owned hangars at Arlington Airport at the 
site of an unused World War II-era fire hall, shown through a broken window. 
ARLINGTON — The pattern is familiar: 

Get a car, and you need a garage. Get a boat, and you need a moorage slip. Get 
an airplane, and you need a hangar. 

A development at Arlington Airport plans to take that a step further: 
individually owned airplane hangars with such amenities as bathrooms and 

The 21 hangars, as large as 3,241 square feet, would be priced at $109,500 to 
$204,500. Still to be determined is who would buy one. 

"We're trying to find where the pulse for this is," said David Vintertun, one 
of four partners in Midfield Hangars, a Bellevue company behind the project. 

But in a general sense, Vintertun said, the characteristics of Arlington 
Airport make it a suitable location. 

The Midfield investors wanted a location close to a metropolitan area. A 4-acre 
site is available on the airport's northeastern edge, where an unused World War 
II-era fire hall stands. The investors hope it can be moved to another location 
as part of an aviation museum. 

Midfield Hangars 

Arlington Airport hosts one of the nation's biggest annual private fly-ins and 
is home to about 500 private aircraft. 

"You get a guy with a half-million-dollar airplane, it's a shame to be parking 
that thing outside," said Viorel Boboc, the owner of Emerald Steel Buildings, 
one of the four partners who would construct the hangars. 

Hangar buyers would own their building, which would sit on leased land. There 
is to be a gated entry, fire-protection sprinklers, insulated walls and doors, 
available power doors, access to a 5,333-foot runway and zoning that allows 
business uses. 

Pilots can rent other hangars at the airport, but there's a waiting list of 
about four years. Rental prices range from $103 a month for a small hangar 
without electricity to $273 a month for a larger one with power and big enough 
for a twin-engine plane. 

The Midfield investors are awaiting final approval from the city and hope to 
begin construction soon. 

Though there are other so-called condo hangars in the area, including at Paine 
Field and at Skagit Airport near Mount Vernon, most of them have fewer 
amenities and usually sell for $30,000 to $40,000 each. 

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