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"Chino Airport gets big visitor"

Friday, February 7, 2003

Chino Airport gets big visitor 
JUMBO JET: A Boeing 747 and a helicopter circle the area to film a foreign
television commercial. 

A jumbo jet and a camera copter circled Chino Airport for about 30 minutes
Thursday while filming a television commercial -- and stopping traffic along
nearby roads. 

"There was no danger," said Tony Landin of the Chino Valley Fire Department.

But passers-by apparently didn't know that as they pulled over to watch the
spectacle of a Boeing 747 making a dozen landing approaches at an airfield
more accustomed to privately owned World War II combat planes and a broad
mix of recreation and business aircraft. 

Cars even slowed down and stopped on busy Highway 71. 

"I've made 40 to 50 calls to citizens who phoned in wanting to know . . .
why the (747) was so low," Airport Manager James Jenkins said. Calls came
from residents in Ontario, Chino, Norco and Corona. 

The Boeing actually was flying at about the same height as any other plane
planning to touch down at Chino, he said, but the jet appeared lower because
of its great size. 

"The lowest point would have been 30 to 40 feet off the ground," Jenkins
estimated. "As he was circling, he was probably about . . . 500." 

As for the filming, the commercial is being made for a foreign investment
firm, Jenkins said. The camera crew came to Chino, he said, because they
needed the green background offered by the fields bordering the runways. 

"They did a portion of the work at Mojave Airport . . . last week," he said.
"And they've done a portion of the production down in Panama, as well." 

While spectators seemed focused on the flying conducted between 1 and 1:35
p.m., the filming lasted all day. The commercial will also feature two
Boeing 727 jetliners that were parked on a taxiway and the customer's logo,
which was painted on the ground, Jenkins said. 

Although the 747 never touched down at Chino, it could have, said Bill
Ingraham, director of the San Bernardino County Department of Airports. 

"They could legally fly in there," he said. "The airport is able to handle

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