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we're getting your mail

I did not add you to my "cc list."  I don't know why you have been
receiving emails from/to me.  I guess this might have happened via a
computer error when I used an auto response command for emails to me
while I was on vacation.  I hope this doesn't happen again as I know it
is annoying.

>>> jmckay@xxxxxxxxxxx 05/06/03 12:11PM >>>
Do not understand this e-mail you sent me???????

-----Original Message-----
From: corporate-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
[mailto:corporate-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]On Behalf Of Carole
Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 2:09 PM
To: corporate@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Subject: Re: CAA: Corporate List, we're getting your mail

I have no idea how you got on there.  It must be a computer glitch
I put a vacation notice on my email.  Tell me if it continues as the
notice has been cancelled.   To my knowledge, your email address was
only one affected.  I knew something weird had happened because I had
many emails from you.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Carole Wedl

Carole Wedl
Noise/Environmental Compliance Supvsr
510-563-2881 (NEW!)
510-569-9017  fax
Oakland International Airport
1 Airport Dr, Box 45
Oakland, CA  94521

>>> editor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 05/06/03 10:48AM >>>
Mind taking us off your cc list. We're not interested in reading your


Wayman Dunlap

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