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"Hollywood Burbank Airport’s branding campaign starting to gain traction with potential passengers"


Friday, August 11, 2017


Hollywood Burbank Airport’s branding campaign starting to gain traction with potential passengers

By Anthony Clark Carpio

The Burbank (CA) Leader


                                         A rendering of the future tower sign at Hollywood Burbank Airport created by Anyone Collective.


The second phase of Hollywood Burbank Airport’s rebranding campaign has only been in effect for two months, but officials say the new identity of the airfield is starting to make some waves.


Though officials from branding firm Anyone Collective said it is too early to definitively tell if the rebranding effort is contributing to the continual increase in passengers at Hollywood Burbank this year, the South Pasadena-based company said preliminary numbers have shown that the new name and logo have brought awareness about the airport to potential travelers east of the Colorado Rockies — which has been the airport’s goal in the endeavor.


Michael Fiore, a co-founder of Anyone Collective, said during a meeting of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority on Monday that he and his staff have been busy trying to get the word out about the airport’s new name.


Authority members approved the branding campaign in May 2016.


During the past two months, Anyone Collective has been purchasing ads on both the digital and print media fronts. They have purchased banner ads that appear as prospective passengers browse the Internet, as well as ads on Facebook. The branding firm also purchased full-page ads in Southwest Airlines’ magazine and the L.A. and S.F. Weekly magazines. In addition, it bought ad space from the Hollywood, Pasadena and Burbank chambers of commerce.


“This first part [of] phase two is absolutely an awareness campaign,” Fiore said. “There were no calls for action. It was very driven to just let people know we have a new name and let people know where we are. That’s what the target was in phase two.”


While Fiore added that it is too early too tell if the ad campaigns had a significant impact on the rising passenger numbers, he said he thinks it at least made a small contribution to the airport’s success so far this year.


In just two months, the digital and print ads have been seen by roughly 4.7 million people across the country, mainly in California and the states east of the Rockies. Additionally, Fiore said about 3 million people have seen ads about Hollywood Burbank Airport on Facebook or Instagram.


However, the second phase hasn’t just been about advertising. Fiore said his staff has completed the stationary and graphics package the airport will use for its day-to-day operations. The branding firm and authority staff are also working on putting up newly branded signs inside and outside the terminals as well as on the tower.


Caltrans and the city of Burbank are updating signs on freeways and streets around the airport.


Airport officials said the new freeway and street signs should be installed by September, while the signs around the terminals and on the tower should be up by October.


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