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"Woman arrested at Sea-Tac Airport after refusing to move bag tooverhead bins on United flight"


Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Woman arrested at Sea-Tac Airport after refusing to move bag to overhead bins on United flight

KIRO TV Ch 7 (CBS), Seattle (WA)



A woman was arrested at Seattle-Tacoma Airport after refusing to move her luggage to overhead bins while on a United Airlines flight.


KIRO 7 News talked to a Sea-Tac spokesman about the incident, which happened around 9 a.m. on Tuesday. According to the spokesman, a mother and daughter were on the plane while it was at the gate.


The flight crew told the mother and daughter to put a bag that was under the seat in the overhead bin, but the two refused.


According to the spokesman, there was a language barrier, but the spokesman did not say whether that was at the core of the issue.


A crew member called police, who told everyone to get off the plane – including the two women.


Police took the women to a confined place, because they believed it was safe for everyone. At one point, the daughter got upset and threw the mom’s walker while in an office.


The two women were going to El Salvador.


United Airlines recently suffered months of bad publicity, particularly after a video  showed a police officer violently dragging a passenger off a plane, but United Airlines has been working on initiatives to win back customers.


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