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"Charlotte Douglas airport expands parking, anticipates busy Fourthof July weekend"


Friday, June 30, 2017


Charlotte Douglas airport expands parking, anticipates busy Fourth of July weekend

By Alex Gailey

The Charlotte (NC) Business Journal


                                                                                             Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Here's a word of advice from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport – plan ahead, arrive early and know your parking options because it's going to be a busy upcoming weekend for Charlotte.


RewardExpert collected and analyzed flight data from the Department of Transportation to see which airports will be the busiest, which are likely to have the most delays and which airlines are most efficient over the holiday weekend.


According to RewardExpert, Charlotte's airport will be the 10th-busiest airport in the U.S. over the Independence Day weekend. Average flight total is predicted to be at 6,786, but the average change in number of flights per year over the past five years has gone down by 3.6%.


According a Charlotte Douglas airport news release, originating passenger traffic (those traveling from CLT) is projected to be at its highest Friday, with 32,490 people. This number will be in addition to the 120,000 people who connect through Charlotte daily.


The airport stated in a news release that it expanded its total number of parking spaces to 30,357 and installed 475 permanent spaces in Long Term 2, just in time for the patriotic holiday. And 1,225 parking spots will be added before Thanksgiving of 2017. All of these additions are funded by the 10-year, $2.5 billion renovation plan known as Destination CLT.


Long-term economy parking is predicted to sell quickly this summer, and parking conditions can be checked beforehand through CLT's real-time parking map.

The airport also provided a few tips for the Fourth of July weekend:


  • Plan your drop off and pick up at the airport
  • Arrive at least two hours before a domestic flight, or three hours before an international flight
  • Check the status of your flight with your airline ahead of time
  • Check parking conditions prior to arriving at the airport
  • Park in designated spaces to avoid towing (the first hour is free)
  • Try to carpool or use public transportation if possible
  • Follow the airport Twitter @CLTAirport for updates on information


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