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"Fly thru SFO’s new on airport hotel"


Friday, June 23, 2017


Fly thru SFO’s new on airport hotel

By Chris McGinnis


                   A brand new on-airport Grand Hyatt coming to SFO in 2019. Scroll down for fly-thru

San Francisco International Airport broke ground this week on the new Grand Hyatt at San Francisco International Airport, a new luxury hotel located on airport grounds, which should open in mid-2019.


The hotel will be located to the right of the airport’s roadway entrance, adjacent to the International Terminal parking garage. (Don’t miss the fly-thru below!)


It will face the large apron area behind the International Terminal A, offering  fantastic views of Boeing 747s from British Airways, KLM and Qantas (among others).


                                                                        Here’s what rooms will look like at SFO’s new Grand Hyatt


The hotel will have direct access to the airport AirTrain rail system– Hyatt expects that 60 percent of hotel visitors will arrive via the AirTrain to the lobby on the fourth floor. The roadway entrance will face the airport, with the noses of big jets peering over the blast fencing from the apron. Guests arriving by road will take elevators up to the fourth floor lobby.


The hotel will be built on the same site as the old Hilton Inn at SFO, which was built in 1959. For a reminiscent look at the old low-slung Hilton, and to see the dramatic expansion of the airport since then, check out this image from the SFO Museum. Anyone remember the hotel’s famous Tiger-A-Go-Go nightclub?


Grand Hyatt at SFO will feature 351 rooms, 15,000 square feet of meeting space, several restaurants, a Grand Club lounge and an extensive fitness center.  Regrettably, there will be no viewing deck on the roof as previously hoped. But views from rooms, conference facilities and dining venue will be outstanding. Not sure I could pay much attention in a meeting when there’s a 747 lumbering past outside the window!


Check out the video below for a fly around the exterior of the new hotel.




The $237 million Grand Hyatt at SFO is being designed by San Francisco-based architecture firm Hornberger + Worstell with ED2 International, and constructed by Webcor Builders.  The construction is expected to provide 350 jobs followed by an anticipated 200 hospitality jobs once the hotel opens.




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