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"Man undergoes evaluation after breach at BWI-Marshall"

Monday, May 29, 2017

Man undergoes evaluation after breach at BWI-Marshall
Police investigating crash at airport fence
By David Collins 
WBAL TV Ch 11 (NBC), Baltimore (MD)

LINTHICUM, Md. - A Laurel man is undergoing a medical evaluation after 
breaching security Saturday at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood 
Marshall Airport.

Maryland Transportation Authority police identified the man who crashed his car 
through a secure area at Signature Aviation as Andrew Kottke, 42.

According to a witness who declined to be identified, Kottke traveled far into 
the airport property before being stopped by police. The witness said the 
breach is more serious than authorities describe, and the man may have been on 
the loose in a speeding car five to six minutes before being stopped.

"He tried to make a run for it and they apprehended him," the witness said. 
"It's quite disturbing. You have many people who have families or children, as 
I do. Anybody could have gotten hurt anywhere around that vehicle. Nobody knew 
what he was doing it just seemed crazy."

The witness reported seeing a 2013 Chevy Camaro entering the Signature Aviation 
property at a high rate of speed, crashing through a fence.

"He then drove at a high rate of speed, missing some aircraft and doing 
doughnuts. Some Signature employees began to come out and tried to figure out 
what was going on. When they approached, he sped off," the witness said.

The witness said, moments later, the man got out of the car and started to 
dance, twirling in circles. The witness described the man as distraught.

"It seemed odd, maybe tribal something. It was just weird," the witness said.

MDTA police confirmed that Kottke boarded an unoccupied plane, not an airliner, 
before he was caught.

Court records indicate Kottke had a domestic violence complaint filed against 
him. On May 26, Prince George's County District Court issued a peace order 
against him. The next day, the court expanded it, saying Kottke "shall not 
abuse, shall not contact, shall vacate the home and shall not enter the 

Kottke's current employment status is not being confirmed. In 2015, he served 
in the U.S. Marshal's Service and received honors as an officer of the month 
for crowd control.

But at the airport on Saturday, Kottke started drawing a crowd, the witness 

"He sped off again toward the international terminal and started doing 
doughnuts," the witness said.

Kottke wore a back pack that authorities said contained personal items. Kottke 
faces state and possibly federal charges when he's released from his medical 
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