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"BWI intruder may have gone onto airplane"

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Airport intruder may have gone onto airplane
By Martin Weil and Emma Brown  
The Washington (DC) Post

The man who allegedly drove through a security fence at Baltmore Washington 
International Marshall Airport may have gone well into the airport grounds 
before being stopped, and possibly even climbed into an aircraft, according to 
a media account.

Baltimore television station WBAL (Channel 11), quoted a witness to the 
Saturday incident as saying the motorist "drove at a high rate of speed, 
missing some aircraft and doing doughnuts."

The station said the witness declined to be identified. 

It quoted him as saying that once through the fence, the man may have been 
driving within the airport for five or six minutes before being apprehended. 

A spokesman for the Maryland Transportation Authority police said late Saturday 
that a man was arrested after a car drove through the perimeter security fence 
at the airport about 1:30 p.m. The spokesman said a man was arrested.

He said in an e mail that an investigation was underway and that flight 
operations were not affected. 

According to the WBAL account, police confirmed that the man boarded an 
unoccupied airplane before being caught. the transportation authority police 
said the plane was not an airliner, WBAL reported. 

The spokesman for the transportation authority police could not be reached 
Monday night.

There was no indication that any charge had been filed.
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