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"Armstrong Airport picks New Orleans native as new leader"


Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Armstrong Airport picks New Orleans native as new leader

By Katherine Sayre

The New Orleans (LA) Times-Picayune

Kevin Dolliole, a New Orleans native with 40 years in the aviation industry, has been named New Orleans Aviation Director and will lead Louis Armstrong International Airport starting June 26, 2017.


Louis Armstrong International Airport's governing board has picked a New Orleans native with 40 years in the aviation industry to lead MSY as it prepares to open a new billion-dollar terminal.


Kevin Dolliole, who is currently an aviation consultant, previously led the San Antonio and St. Louis airports and started his career at Armstrong Airport. The New Orleans Aviation Board last week selected Dolliole for aviation director starting June 26, the city said Tuesday (May 23). Dolliole's salary will be $265,000.


The board has been searching for a director after the departure last year of Iftikhar Ahmad, who took a job leading Rhode Island's airport system. In the mean time, former Seattle-Tacoma International Airport director Mark Reis has served as interim director of Armstrong Airport.


The new director will step in during a critical time in Armstrong Airport's history with a billion-dollar new terminal under construction and scheduled to open in February 2019, an opening date that has been pushed back twice from May 2018. The airport recently voted to bring in four joint ventures to operate high-profile restaurants and shops in the new terminal. Two direct connections to Europe -- British Airways to London and Condor to Frankfurt -- launched this year.


Dolliole, who lives in San Antonio, is senior vice president of Unison Consulting, which provides consulting services for airports. He directed St. Louis airports from 2005 through 2007 and was San Antonio's aviation director from 1999 through 2005.


He served as acting director, assistant director and deputy director in various roles covering facilities, administration and finance and operations and maintenance in New Orleans between 1989 and 1999.


Dolliole received a master of business administration from University of New Orleans and a bachelor of science in business administration from Xavier University.


A record-breaking 11.1 million passengers traveled through MSY last year. That passenger growth led the Aviation Board to expand designs for the new terminal from 30 gates to 35 gates, requiring the opening date to be delayed.


Miguel Southwell, a former Atlanta aviation director, was a finalist for the New Orleans job.


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