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"Security expert says laptop ban at airports a 'possibility"


Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Security expert says laptop ban at airports a 'possibility'

By Steve Fiorina

KGTV TV Ch 10 (ABC), San Diego (CA)


Going through security at airports may soon get even more strict as the threat of terrorism has now been determined to include the possibility of explosives packed inside a laptop or electronic tablet.


Airport security expert Glen Winn says he's been watching events in Washington, where the heads of United, American, and Delta Airlines have been involved in confidential meetings with Homeland Security and other federal agencies.


"There is a potential for a laptop explosive device or other electronic devices being brought on civilian aviation, particularly U. S. aviation, planes coming in to U. S. from several countries.


He says primarily Eastern Europe and the Middle East, some already under restriction, but Winn thinks this could expand very quickly.


"I think a total ban is a possibility, just as we did with liquids.”


He talks about the progressive screening procedures we saw in 1995 when liquids were banned from flights after an attack in Asia.  How things changed after the terror attacks of 9-11; and where we are now.  He says our laptops are likely the next targets.


"Preparations are being made for further restrictions on travel with electronic devices, it's only a hair's breadth away before that happens."


Frank Fleming is a retired Captain for United Airlines and he recognizes that passengers would be inconvenienced.


"You've got a lot of people just flying for the day and they're on that computer the whole time; that's all they got with them so now they're going to have to get a bag, check the bag and pay for it, there are repercussions."


But safety is the top priority. 


"That's number one!"


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