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"MVP Group offers to develop Philippine's Clark airport"

Friday, May 12, 2017

MVP Group offers to develop Clark airport 
By Iris Gonzales
The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - The group led by business tycoon Manuel V. Pangilinan has 
offered to operate and maintain the Clark International Airport in Pampanga as 
it continues to explore prospects rolled out under the government's aggressive 
infrastructure program.

Industry sources said the MVP Group proposed a joint venture with the Bases 
Conversion and Development Authority and Clark Airport "for the expansion, 
operations and maintenance of Clark Airport."

The group is also reportedly keen on building an ambitious express railway 
between Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue in Makati and Clark.

 But the sources said the proposal, submitted just recently, covers only 
expansion and operations and maintenance (O&M), which the government said would 
likely be left in the hands of the private sector. The Duterte administration 
has indicated it will pursue by itself the development and modernization of the 

Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade said the new development policy for 
Clark Airport, the nearest alternative to the severely congested Ninoy Aquino 
International Airport (Naia) would be pursued by the government except the O&M 

He said this is the faster route rather than face delays that may transpire 
with public biddings involving the private sector.

Private companies have submitted proposals for the development and 
modernization of the airport. These include a $5-billion offer from Megawide 
Construction Corp. and India's GMR Infrastructure, the consortium behind the 
Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Aside from the Megawide consortium, the Gokongwei family's JG Summit Holdings 
Inc. and Gotianun-controlled Filinvest Development Corp. also submitted a 
$3.7-billion proposal.

Worsening congestion at the NAIA  has highlighted the need for an alternative 

The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce of the Philippines (JFC) has supported 
the plan to use Clark Airport as an alternative to NAIA.

Ebb Hinchliffe, executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce, said 
the geography of Metro Manila does not support NAIA which is no longer viable 
in the long-term.

Earlier, AmCham senior adviser John Forbes said the new airport terminal in 
Clark should be built in the next two years, with a non-stop fast train 
connecting service similar to that in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Tokyo to 
elevate traffic congestion.

Clark airport has 138 weekly international flights and 94 weekly domestic 
flights. These will be increased with the expansion of operations of domestic 
carriers, specifically Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, Air Asia, Wakay 
Air and Seair Philippines.

Negotiations are ongoing for more international carriers to start operations at 
Clark airport by mid-2017.

 Businessman Ramon Ang has already submitted a proposal to build a new $10 
billion airport in Bulacan while the the Tieng family, together with Henry Sy's 
Belle Corp. likewise proposed to build a $50 billion airport off Sangley Point 
in Cavite.

Tugade said these unsolicited proposals are being reviewed. In the end, he said 
the government would decide which one is best for the country.

The Duterte administration has opened itself to unsolicited proposals, in stark 
contrast to the previous administration's policy governing big-ticket 

 It has so far received proposals for various projects - from roads to bridges 
and airports.

But while the government is studying the proposals for the new airports, Tugade 
said the priority is the P74.56 billion rehabilitation of the NAIA and the 
proposed expansion of the Clark airport.

NAIA has a 30 million annual passenger capacity but it handled 36.68 million 
passengers in 2015. Clark airport, meanwhile, has an annual capacity of four 
million passengers. - With Ding Cervantes
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